Supporting Mama after
baby is born

Myrtle&Flossie is proud to provide excellent post natal care and overall women wellness services. Understanding that the journey of motherhood can be both joyful and trying, it is essential that mothers receive proper "after care" for maximal recovery. Postpartum Doula's assistance is especially needed after the birth of a baby when extended help is not available. Normally most emphasis is on pregnancy and birth, however when baby  arrives many parents fill ill-prepared for the daily routine care that they now need to provide. In addition to recovering from birth, the multitude of responsibilites caring for a tiny dependent newborn with unique personality traits, trying to master infant feeding and different sleep schedules than yours can be overwhelming! With an array of great items, products, and postpartum-women wellness services to choose from our online boutique, to aid in the journey, M&F is here for women, moms, and families everywhere!

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Nia Reid-Allen

PP Doula

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